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Meet Jamie Stults, the founder and proprietor of Lyran Holistic Services. A Springfield, Illinois native and the youngest of three siblings, Jamie brings over 16 years of experience in coaching, guiding, and leading others to her work in the field of holistic wellness. She holds a Masters in Human Resource Management and is certified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coaching, Time Line Therapy® practitioner, and hypnosis practitioner.

Fueled by a deep interest in holistic wellness, travel, CrossFit, snowboarding and skiing, star-gazing, bird-watching, and the metaphysical, Jamie has dedicated her career to helping others heal and reconnect with their spiritual gifts. This personal journey led her to pursue deeper self-exploration, wound healing, and spiritual awakening, ultimately inspiring her to transition from her career in human resources to focus on offering holistic wellness services full-time. Jamie's extensive experience and expertise make her well-suited to lead others on their own journey towards holistic wellness and self-discovery.

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