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EmpowerHER 3 Month Coaching Package

Nourish Your Freedom: Overcoming Unwanted Food Habits

  • 24 hours
  • 2,400 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Introducing the EmpowerHER+ 3 Month Coaching, a comprehensive 3-month package designed to empower you in every aspect of your health, weight, and mindset. Prepare for a profound breakthrough with our comprehensive 3 Month Coaching Package, where transformation and empowerment await you at every step of your journey. ✅ Detailed History Intake: To ignite your transformation, we begin with a comprehensive assessment, delving deep into your unique challenges and aspirations. This initial step enables us to craft an approach tailored specifically to your needs and goals. ✨ Removal of Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs: Our expert will expertly guide you through the process of identifying and liberating yourself from those negative emotions and limiting beliefs that have held you back. This crucial step lays the foundation for lasting transformation. 🧩 Parts Integration: Employing advanced techniques, we'll help you integrate all aspects of yourself, fostering a harmonious and unified approach to your transformational journey. 💤 Customized Hypnosis: Personalized hypnosis sessions will be provided to address specific facets of your journey, ensuring a more profound and tailor-made experience, tailored to your unique needs. 🌬️ Stress Management Technique: You'll be equipped with a potent stress management technique that you can incorporate into your daily life. Bid farewell to stress-induced decisions and welcome a more centered, balanced version of yourself. 🍏 Food Remapping: Together, we'll reshape your relationship with food, guiding you toward making healthier choices effortlessly. Say goodbye to cravings and welcome a more intuitive, mindful approach to your eating habits. 🎯 Goal Setting: Collaboratively set clear, achievable goals that will serve as your guiding light toward your vision of lasting transformation and overall well-being. 🛠️ Additional Modalities: We are committed to your transformation and will employ any other necessary modality to remove obstacles and facilitate your journey, based on your detailed history intake. 🍽️ Nutrition Coaching: Receive expert guidance on nutrition to optimize your health and wellness as part of your comprehensive transformation journey. 🛠️ Integration Support: Benefit from ongoing support to seamlessly integrate your newfound mindset and habits into your daily life. 🎁 Bonus: Hypnosis Recording to Assist with Nutrition and Weight Loss

Cancellation Policy

No refunds for cancellations and no shows.

Contact Details


Lyran Holistic Services, South Grand Avenue West, Springfield, IL, USA

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